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Basic Diloggún Divination Classes by Ocha’ni Lele

Diloggún by Ocha'ni Lele

Diloggún by Ocha’ni Lele

Ocha’ni Lele, renowned author of many Lucumí books including Diloggún Tales of the Natural World, The Secrets of Afro-Cuban Divination and Sacrificial Ceremonies of Santería, is now offering his Basic Diloggún Divination Class available to Olorishas online.

This course is one of the best courses available online to learn the basics of diloggún divination including the process of determining odu, its orientation (ire/osogbo), marking ebó and the meanings of the 16 main odu. The course takes place over the span of 33 weeks and costs $400 ($200 deposit). While Ocha’ni Lele is not a member of our ilé we HIGHLY recommend his classes as they are some of the best out there, and his books are some of the best written on the Lucumí faith.

To learn more and sign up for Ocha’ni Lele’s Basic Diloggún Divination Class, visit his site at the following link.

Ocha’ni Lele – Godfather of Scandal