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Rogacion de Cabeza (Kobori Eledá)

A woman with her head wrapped after receiving a Rogacion de Cabeza. (Painting is "Woman in a White Turban" by the artist Madge Scott)

One of the more common ebos marked in divination is a rogacion de cabeza or “head rogation”. This ceremony is called koborí eledá or ebori in the Lucumí language. In this cleansing and blessing ritual, a person’s conscious mind is aligned with his Orí (personal orisha) and his destiny through offerings to sacred points on the body, recitation of prayers and the presiding olorisha’s ashé. Think of it as a spiritual tune up.

The rogation is a simple ceremony that can be done at any time for anyone, but is typically marked in divination when a person needs to cool their head or “strengthen their mind”. When receiving a rogación de cabeza the person dresses all in white, and an Olorisha places several substances on points on the person’s body. These substances include coconut, cocoa butter, cool water and other items that bring peace and alignment to a person’s spirit. The greatest amount of these substances goes on the top of the head, and the head is wrapped in white cloth. (This is the origin of the name “head rogation”.)

Receiving a Rocagion de Cabeza (Kobori Eledá)

Rogacion de Cabeza is a service we offer at the Santeria Church of the Orishas to any who seek spiritual peace and alignment of purpose. You do not need to be an initiate nor do you need to be a member of our church to receive this service. Anyone can receive a Rogación de Cabeza. Pastors of our church charge a nominal fee to rogate a person’s head. To find out how you can receive a Rogación de Cabeza please use our contact form.