Our Church

Oshún’s shrine with fruit and perfume offerings

The Santería Church of the Orishas is dedicated to the Afro-Cuban religion of Santería (Lucumí/Lukumí), the worship of our creator Olodumare, his eldest children the Orishas, and to honoring our Egun (our ancestors of blood and initiatory lineage). Our church’s mission is to make information available to those who seek to learn more about Santería (Lucumí), dispel misconceptions about our religious practice and to provide spiritual guidance and religious services where they are needed. The Santería Church of the Orishas was founded in 2012 by Rev. Dr. E., an Olorisha of Shangó in the Lucumí faith, and is based in the Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.

The Santería Church of the Orishas is a part of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement from Forestville, California.

We believe in the immanence of spirit, the intercessory power of prayer, and the efficacy of the practice of setting vigil lights for petitions and praise.

Church Services

The Santería Church of the Orishas conducts daily setting of lights services, offerings to the Orishas as determined through divination, and recitation of prayers for those who have submitted requests through the Crystal Silence League.

Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó), founder of our church, also offers the following spiritual services:

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers provide ethical spiritual services to those in need.

Church Committees

As a part of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement, the Santería Church of the Orishas participates in the following committees:

Church Visiting Hours

We make our church open to the community by appointment for those seeking in-person cleansings, readings, offerings or communion with the Orishas. If you would like to visit our sanctuary please contact our founder, Rev. Dr. E., to arrange the best time and date for your visit. Our humble sanctuary is located in Long Beach, California.

Classes, Public Lectures and Interviews

As education is one of our primary spiritual missions, we always make ourselves available for public lectures, newspaper interviews or  appearances at local universities and colleges. On occasion, Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó) will also offer classes to the general public about Santeria, the Orishas, ancestor reverence or other aspects of our spiritual path. If you are interested in contacting Rev. Dr. E. for public lectures, appearances or interviews, please use our contact form.

About Our Founder, Rev. Dr. E.

Our Founder, Rev. Dr. E., is a first generation Cuban American. His parents, both Cuban-born, came to the United States in the 1960’s shortly after the Cuban Revolution. Rev. Dr. E. was raised with a blend of American, Cuban and Spanish cultures, and with a deep respect for religion and spirituality.

While formally raised Catholic, Dr. E. began his foray into studying Santería Lucumí and Espiritismo at the age of 20. In July 2001, Rev. Dr. E. was initiated as a Tata Bakofula in Palo Kimbisa in the Bronx, New York by the hands of Tata Sarabanda Tronco Firme and Yaya Lango Misenga Lango Kuenda Ntoto. Later that year, on November 4th, 2001, Rev. Dr. E. was crowned as a priest of Changó in the Bronx, NY by his padrino Omi Diero and his oyugbona Odedei. In Spring of 2012, Rev. Dr. E. received pinaldo from his new godfather oriaté Obá Mujiwá (Jesús Castellón) and his oyugbona Omí Alá (Lázara Mateo de Acosta).

Rev. Dr. E. founded the Santería Church of the Orishas in May 2012 with the intention of educating the public about traditional Santería practice, to preserve the culture of the Lucumí people, and to prevent newcomers from falling victim to fraud, misinformation and religious abuse.