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We receive many correspondences a day looking for assistance, guidance, readings and other inquiries. In order to best address some of the most commonly-asked questions, we’ve created this page. Select the topic you want to know more about below.

We are located in the Greater Los Angeles, California area. We do not have references for people outside of our area so please do not contact us looking for priests, botanics, shops or references in other areas.

Location and Visitation Questions

We are located in the greater Los Angeles, California area. In Santería our personal homes are our churches. The Santería Church of the Orishas is located within our founder’s (Rev. Dr. E.) home. Because our church is located in a private residence, we do not allow unscheduled visits.

Referrals, References and Recommendations

Visitors often want recommendations of reliable priests or shops in their area. We cannot give out any recommendations or references outside of the Los Angeles, California area. We also do not give any recommendations or references for shops because our church is not a commercial business. Please do not email us looking for shops, botanicas or priests in your area. We will not give referrals outside of our church.

Classes and Learning

Santeria is typically learned by apprenticing side-by-side with a godparent, not in a classroom setting. At the moment we do not offer classes in Santeria. While there is no substitution for the hands-on apprenticeship from an olorisha, we are looking at offering online seminars and classes in the future, to help educate those who are interested in learning more about Santeria. Please check back on our site to see if there is any news regarding upcoming classes or seminars.

Readings and Consultations

If you are interested in receiving a Diloggún (Cowrie Shell) Reading, our founder Rev. Dr. E. offers diloggún readings through his online web store. A diloggún reading will consult the orisha Elegguá for guidance as well as prescribing any needed ebós to remedy your situation. This is the traditional method we use in Santeria to find spiritual solutions to life problems. Book a Diloggún Reading with Rev. Dr. E.


Interviews and Seminar Requests

The mission of our church is education and empowering the public with information about traditional Santeria practice. To promote our church’s efforts, our founder Rev. Dr. E. is available for scheduled interviews, seminars and workshop presentations. In the past, Rev. Dr. E. has presented at the Pagan Studies Conference, to local college and university classes, at Pantheacon, and has appeared on several radio shows and podcasts. If you are interested in having Rev. Dr. E. present a seminar for your organization or class, please use the following contact form to get in touch. Rev. Dr. E. will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Do not use this form for any purpose other than contacting Dr. E. to schedule an interview or request a seminar/appearance. (Any messages sent for other purposes will be disregarded)


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