The Santeria Church of the Orishas is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance and services for those who seek communion with the Orishas or their Ancestors. We recognize the importance of community outreach and spiritual service as part of being representatives of the Orishas on earth.

Our Mission

Spiritual Services Available to the Public

The cowrie shells of Elegguá used in diloggún divination

Setting of Lights / Vigil Candle Service: We firmly believe in the power of prayer and the offering of candles to the Orishas or Egun as ebó (sacrifice) to make great change happen in people’s lives. We dress candles with appropriate oils and herbs, and bless each one with a traditional prayer in Lucumi, then set them to burn at our Orisha shrines. If you wish to have someone set lights for you, Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó) offers setting of lights services through his website

Diloggún (Santería Cowrie Shell) Readings: The diloggun is the preferred official oracle of Santeria. The diloggun are consecrated to act as mouthpieces for the orishas. We utilize the diloggun of the Orisha Elegguá who has the authority to speak on the behalf of all the other Orishas. In your diloggun consultation, Eleggua will reveal the energy pattern around you and help you orient yourself with your destiny. If you are found to be in an unbalanced state (osogbo) your diviner will mark ebó (sacrifice/offerings) to help bring you back into a balanced and blessed state (iré). If you wish to have someone read diloggun for you, Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó) offers diloggun readings through his website

Kobori Eleda (Rogación de Cabeza): This powerful and effective ritual aligns your Orí (higher self and personal orisha) with your conscious mind, brings alignment to your spiritual body and restores a calm demeanor. It is a great way to strengthen your Orí and cool your head to regain clarity of thought and spiritual purpose. Rogacion de Cabeza can be performed at any time, but is best if marked through diloggun divination. For information on how you can receive Kobori Eleda (Rogación de Cabeza) in person, please contact Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó). Kobori Eleda must be performed in person and there are some limitations as to who can receive this ceremony.

Spiritual Cleansing: Spiritual cleansing can take the form of spiritual baths or sarayeye (cleansing with bundles of herbs or by passing an animal over the devotee) and are best if marked as a necessary ebó in a cowrie shell reading. Spiritual cleansing can be performed either at a distance or in-person. If you seek a worker that can perform spiritual cleansing for you, Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó) offers spiritual cleansing as part of a Rootworking Consultation on his website

Spiritual Services Available in Private

Our spiritualist altar to propitiate spirit guides through Espiritismo Cruzado

The Santeria Church of the Orishas offers spiritual services in private by appointment or for select members of our church. These are typically reserved for those who seek initiation or building a personal relationship with our ilé (spiritual lineage). These services are either marked through divination or are offered to individuals with an established relationship with our church.

Spiritual Masses (Seances): Spiritualist style masses are performed for our godfamily and for those who seek union with their spirit guides, ancestors or to investigate issues in their spiritual life. Spiritual masses are conducted in the style of Espiritismo Cruzado (Blended Spiritism). It is traditional to compensate the mediums present at a spiritual mass with a stipend for their energy and contribution.

Elekes (Collares, Necklaces): The ritual of the elekes is the first ceremony that most people seeking participation in Santeria experience. The elekes are the sacred banners of the Orishas and confer the new initiate the protection of the Orishas. Once a person received his or her elekes they are considered a member of their godparent’s ilé (spiritual lineage). They are not yet a priest but they are taking the first steps to building a deeper relationship with the Orishas. Elekes are a religious ceremony that is marked through Diloggún Divination as a required ebó (ritual).

Warriors (Guerreros): The reception of the Warriors is often the second initiation that many faithful go through in their journey in Santeria. The Warriors are a set of Orishas – the first Orishas a person receives: Elegguá (Orisha who opens roads and witnesses fate), Ogún (warrior Orisha of iron, work and tools), Ochosi (Orisha of hunting and divine justice) and Osun (Orisha that looks out and warns of danger). As part of the initiation, these Orishas shrines are consecrated and given to the initiate. At this point the initiate becomes an Aborisha (follower of the Orishas). While he or she is not yet a priest they have received the mysteries of these four Orishas and they now live in the home of the Aborisha. With this initiation comes the responsibility to tend to your Orishas and to honor your godparents on the anniversary of their initiation (Orisha birthday). The reception of the Warriors is marked through Diloggún Divination.

Classes, Public Lectures and Interviews

As education is one of our primary spiritual missions, we always make ourselves available for public lectures, newspaper interviews or  appearances at local universities and colleges. On occasion, Rev. Dr. E. (Ekun Dayo Oní Shangó) will also offer classes to the general public about Santeria, the Orishas, ancestor reverence or other aspects of our spiritual path. If you are interested in our services for public lectures, appearances or interviews, please contact Rev. Dr. E.

Vigil Candle Service

As part of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement, the Santeria Church of the Orishas knows the efficacy and power of a simply prayer said over a blessed and dressed candle. We regularly light candles with prayers and petitions for those seeking to ask the orishas for assistance. How We Dress and Set our Lights …

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Diloggun Readings

Unlike other religions where God is distant and impersonal, in Santeria we have a close, personal relationship with the orishas. We do not cower before our gods, we speak with them, listen to them and follow their guidance. The primary way we receive guidance from the orishas offer is through diloggún divination. The system uses …

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Spiritual Cleansing

One of the most fundamental and frequently needed spiritual services that the Santeria Church of the Orishas offers is spiritual cleansing. Spiritual cleansing helps clear away any negativity, energetic disturbances, osogbos or dark spirits that a person may have picked up in their daily lives. Often, spiritual cleansing is prescribed in a diloggún reading as …

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Rogacion de Cabeza (Kobori Eledá)

One of the more common ebos marked in divination is a rogacion de cabeza or “head rogation”. This ceremony is called koborí eledá or ebori in the Lucumí language. In this cleansing and blessing ritual, a person’s conscious mind is aligned with his Orí (personal orisha) and his destiny through offerings to sacred points on …

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Rituals and Sacrifice (Ebó)

Ebó is a ritual offering or sacrifice as dictated by divination. Ebó is one of the cornerstones of the Santeria religion, and it is the tool that we have been given by the Orishas to change our fate and return our lives to a balanced and healthy state. Ebo takes many forms. It can be …

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One of the more select services we offer at the Santeria Church of the Orishas are Santeria Initiation. Initiation is a rite of passage that helps change a person’s destiny for the better. Initiation is not something automatically granted to all people. Initiation in Santeria must be designated through divination as something that is part of …

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