Dec. 4 – Feast Day of St. Barbara/Changó

Changó on his birthday throne at the Santería Chuch of the Orishas 2013.

Changó on his birthday throne at the Santería Chuch of the Orishas 2013.

For many elders in the Lucumí religion, feast days of the Catholic saints associated with the orishas were honored as days for that orisha in the year. Today is December 4th, the feast of Saint Barbara. As Saint Barbara is syncretized with the orisha Changó, many elders in Lucumí will honor today as “Chango’s Day”. It’s important to understand that in the strictest sense it isn’t Chango’s day, but some of the older folk in the religion hold on to their Catholic elements. (As do many Spiritists!)

So for today I say “Kawo Kabiosile Changó, babá mi. Modupue fun gbogbo iré!” as he rules our church, and I salute all children of Changó. May our father defend us always and bless us forever!

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  1. Lizet

    I came upon your website while I was researching the religion of Santeria. I was brought into the religion and I have a Padrino that I admire and respect. In his honor I felt it necessary to try to understand the special blessing that have been bestowed on me. I respect him and will always follow his guidance. Your site gave me a better understanding and clarity of the Orishas that I have and how important and special they are to me. Although I speak, read and write in Spanish, being able to read it all in English makes it so much easier. I will continue to visit your website for interesting updates and teachings of our religion. I frequently speak to my Padrino, and every time I share something that I have learned he chuckles. He says that my understanding and willingness to want to learn more and more about the religion comes to me because, yo soy hija de Oya.

    Once again thank you for sharing our religion and respecting our religion.

    Respectfully yours,


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