Welcome to the Santería Church of the Orishas

Ekun Dayo's throne commemorating the anniversary of his initiation.

The Santeria Church of the Orishas is dedicated to the worship of Olodumare (God), the Orishas and our Egun (Ancestors). Our church adheres to the tenets and practices of Santeria (La Regla Lucumi/Lukumí) and welcomes all who are interested in learning more about Santeria, the Orishas, the ancestors or traditional Afro-Cuban religions. We are based in the Greater Los Angeles area of California.

We offer educational services in the form of in-person clases, online articles and lectures at local colleges and universities. Our religious services include spiritual guidance through Diloggún divination (Santeria Cowrie Shell readings), Obí readings (Santeria coconut readings), spiritualist mediumship readings, in-person cleansings, ebós (rituals), initiations and Egun (Ancestor) veneration meetings.

The Santeria Church of the Orishas is a part of the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church movement from Forestville, California.

We believe in the immanence of spirit, the intercessory power of prayer, and the efficacy of the practice of setting vigil lights for petitions and praise.


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  1. Eni Acho Iya

    Beautiful and inspirational! Many blessings to you, Aché.

  2. Frank R Crenshaw of Halliburton

    Not sure which Orisha I could work with, but I am a strong believer in the encouragement of this path and the Ancestors. I feel we both help each other out. Great work, its interesting to see the evolution and advancement of Spirits and Humans working together 🙂

    1. Santeria Church

      Hi Frank. It’s actually best to not focus on one orisha right up until the last moment before you get initiated. It’s better to learn about all of them and if you are going to petition one it would be Obatalá because we say he “owns all heads”. He is everyone’s father as he sculpted the bodies and minds of humanity. That’s what we tell our aleyos if they insist on focusing on one Orisha. But in my opinion I think you would benefit from learning generally about all of them.

  3. Tity

    Thank you Doc,

    for creating this blog about Santeria. Now I understand better because being French, not easy to find books translated on Santeria, Voodoo ……. Tity

    1. Santeria Church

      Thank you Tity. We are striving to educate as many people as possible about Santeria, and we found a deficit of information in English. We’re glad to be able to help you and other English speakers get to know more about our religion. (And just to be clear, this is not Voodoo)

  4. Ruby Duarte

    Good Morning Dr. E.,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I am a fourteen year initiate of Yemaya. Your explanation on Edigbere (7-8 my sign in Obatala in Ita) and how it relates the 7 African Powers is very interesting. Many years prior to making Ocha, I had an unexplained attraction to the Powers. When I received Pinaldo I was instructed to care for them. I have a fairly extensive (in comparison) Ita. Somethings we just have to seek out and learn on our own. You just tied up the unexplained. I will continue to follow your blog and refer others as well. Thank you again.


  5. Ella

    Hi there,
    I live in London and am trying to find somewhere here where I can find out more about Santeria – somewhere where people gather perhaps – but can’t find anything from searching online. Do you know of anywhere in London or the UK at all?
    Many thanks and best wishes!

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